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Second Quarter of 2010 in Review (08-09-2010)

The market fell to its lowest point this year on the last day of June, closing the quarter and the first half of 2010 with some significant losses. Short-term trends can signal or counter longer term trends. Distinguishing which is which can be difficult. About 96% of market movements are noise. Even long-term trends are three steps forward and two steps back. That makes it challenging to distinguish short-term changes from long-term trends. Reviewing the market movements from last quarter is useful only to the extent that such distinctions can be made.
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New Website Look & Feel!

You may have noticed that we have changed our website's look and feel. We've tried to streamline our layout so it is easier to navigate, and we still have lots of free information all over the site. Please take a look around, and for more financial tips and timely advice, sign up for our free weekly newsletter!

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How to get out of debt (Part 1) (11-03-2003)

We love to hear from those who are reading our column in the paper.    But the most heartbreaking letters or emails we get are from those who have gotten themselves deep into debt, and are seeking professional financial help to get them out of debt. This five-part series on "How to Get Out of Debt" will try to address the concerns of those who have debt problems.    This series has principles for everyone, but it is intended to help families get out of debt so that they can start saving.    Everyone knows a family with financial debt.    This series will help them.
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