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The Summer of Our Employment Discontent (08-02-2010)

The economy in the first half of 2010 has been disappointing, especially to investors and job seekers. High unemployment, market drops and less-than-stellar hopes for the future regarding taxes and regulation have all added to the general displeasure with our market environment. Now economists are generally predicting "more of the same" for the rest of 2010 at least. Evidently hope of a quick recovery was overly optimistic. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the unemployment rate fell from a high of 10. 1% last October to 9. 5% in June. The decrease is hardly good news.
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New Website Look & Feel!

You may have noticed that we have changed our website's look and feel. We've tried to streamline our layout so it is easier to navigate, and we still have lots of free information all over the site. Please take a look around, and for more financial tips and timely advice, sign up for our free weekly newsletter!

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University Students: Getting Sucked Dry by Credit Cards (09-03-2007)

Last week we listed the ways university student are enticed into using credit cards. This week we will examine the economical impact of those initially small and convenient monthly payments. If your credit card minimum payment was $10 and you repaid it every month for 15 1/2 years with an accruing interest of 15. 9%, a $1,000 purchase would end up costing $2,250. Every time you use your credit card to pay for something you risk it being marked up two and a half times the normal sales price. Over time, that $10 T-shirt cost you $22.
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