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Style Boxes and the Efficient Frontier (04-23-2012)

Over the past few weeks we've been examining the investment science behind asset allocation. We learned that risk generally follows return. We learned that tilting small and value can boost returns. And we learned that blending investments near the efficient frontier can make even more efficient portfolios. In our fall conference at Dimensional Funds, Eugene Fama presented the U. S. market returns from 1927 through 2010. He broke them down into 25 style boxes, each representing two deciles of size and value measurements. Style boxes were made popular by Morningstar as a visual representation of size and valuation.
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George & David Marotta Featured in Reuters Article on Grandparents and Finances

George Marotta was featured in an article in Reuters on how grandparents can have a large positive impact on children and grandchildren, with specific examples of ways finances can bring families together.

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Dorothy in Taxland: Overview (06-14-2010)

Many people who use tax computation software don't understand the changing structure of the U. S. tax code. They fill in the blanks, click Compute and pay the tax. Then they forget about the torture until next year. Into this dark forest of the tax code, we throw college students and recent graduates. It is almost a rite of passage, better likened to a fraternity hazing than a step into adulthood. The byzantine rules and regulations of the tax code are carefully crafted to cover up just how much we pay each year. In other words, tax laws are obscure by design.
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