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Taxes and Tax Management

Understanding Your IRS Form 1040 (04-18-2011)

Do you bother to look at your taxes after filing them? Yes, you pay someone to fill out your tax return, but when it is done, do you ask what to change in the future to keep more of your earnings and forfeit less to Uncle Sam? Many people believe a dollar saved on their taxes is not worth the same as a dollar of their salary or a dollar of gain in the stock market. They are correct. A dollar saved on your taxes is actually worth more.
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In The News

Free NCEF Seminar: How to Read Your 1040

Thursday, April 21 from 5:30-6:30pm there will be a free NAPFA Consumer Education Seminar (NCEF) at the Charlottesville Senior Center titled "How to Read Your 1040." It will be led by David John Marotta, Matthew Illian, and Austin Johnston.

They will give an overview of how to understand your 1040, what to look for, and tips to be prepared when the 2011 tax season hits next year. Bring your completed 1040s and your questions, as there will be a question-and-answer session afterwards!


For directions and more information about the Senior Center, visit their website:

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Look Over Your Tax Return (05-02-2005)

Unless it was your birthday, most of us are glad we have almost a year before we have to get our tax information together again. Before you store this past year's return in the basement, take fifteen minutes, put your 1040 on the table beside this article, and gain some valuable wisdom on your finances. Make note of your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) (1040 line 36) and your Total Federal Tax (1040 line 62). Four additional numbers provide you with everything you need to determine your progress toward savings and retirement.
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Taxes and Tax Management