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Asset Allocation and the Efficient Frontier (04-16-2012)

Crafting portfolio asset allocations is a combination of art and engineering. Just as a blending of colors can produce cerulean, so a blending of indexes produces a unique shade of risk and return. And these blended portfolios can be better than any of their components. Many investors don't appreciate asset allocation or understand intuitively how a diversified portfolio can exceed the sum of its parts. After all, the capital asset pricing model (CAPM) suggests that return follows risk, and therefore you can't increase return and reduce risk at the same time. But CAPM is just a straight-line projection.
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Look Over Your Tax Return (05-02-2005)

Unless it was your birthday, most of us are glad we have almost a year before we have to get our tax information together again. Before you store this past year's return in the basement, take fifteen minutes, put your 1040 on the table beside this article, and gain some valuable wisdom on your finances. Make note of your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) (1040 line 36) and your Total Federal Tax (1040 line 62). Four additional numbers provide you with everything you need to determine your progress toward savings and retirement.
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