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Marotta On Money - April 11 Newsletter



SEC Requires New ADV Part 2 Disclosure Form (04-11-2011)

Investment advisory firms are required to file disclosure documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). These documents help consumers learn about some of the risks or potential conflicts of interest associated with a specific firm or compare two different investment firms. In the past, investment advisors had to complete two forms each year: ADV Part 1 and ADV Part 2. This past year the SEC published new rules for the second document required by investment advisory firms like ours. The requirement changed from a checkbox response to a "plain English" narrative brochure.
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In The News

David John Marotta Wins a 2010 Amy Award!

David John Marotta was selected as a finalist in the 26th annual 2010 Amy Writing Award Contest. Mr. Marotta has written for numerous finance and business publications for the past decade, including his weekly column, Marotta on Money, in The Daily Progress (Charlottesville, VA), since 2002.
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Dorothy in Taxland: Below the Line Deductions (10-01-2007)

Not all deductions are created equal. Some deductions are more valuable than others. What matters is whether or not the deduction is "above the line" or "below the line". The line in this case is your adjusted gross income (AGI). Above the line deductions are subtracted from your gross income in order to compute your AGI. Therefore, above the line deductions reduce your AGI which also reduces your taxable income. Reducing your AGI can lower many subsequent calculations which will lower other taxes you may have to pay.
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