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Minimum Wage Hurts Starter Jobs (04-04-2011)

Economists claim that minimum wage laws deprive less skilled workers of jobs, fail to reduce poverty and negatively affect a country's wages and earning. In contrast, advocates of the minimum wage argue that employers can absorb higher minimum wages through higher productivity, lower recruiting and training costs, decreased absenteeism and increased worker morale. They argue that very little job loss or increased unemployment is associated with minimum wage increases. The most honest thinking on both sides is correct. Less than 2% of the workforce works for the minimum wage.
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David John Marotta Wins a 2010 Amy Award!

David John Marotta was selected as a finalist in the 26th annual 2010 Amy Writing Award Contest. Mr. Marotta has written for numerous finance and business publications for the past decade, including his weekly column, Marotta on Money, in The Daily Progress (Charlottesville, VA), since 2002.
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Dorothy in Taxland: Above the Line Deductions (09-10-2007)

Those with wealth look ahead and adjust their affairs according to the tax code. But, most Americans look backward and only hope that Uncle Sam will return some of what they have already paid. Living in the moment and only looking backward is a recipe for paying the most tax at the worst time. If you are like most Americans, you filed your tax return in mid-April and did not look at any of it during the last four months. The tax preparation which seemed so valuable at the time has faded like Dorothy’s memories of Oz when she wakes up back in Kansas.
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