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Value: The Third Factor of Investing (04-02-2012)

A stock's valuation is the final factor of the Fama-French three-factor model of investment returns. A stock's valuation is measured on a continuum from "value" to "growth. " In broad strokes, value stocks are cheap and growth stocks are expensive. But there are compelling reasons why an investor might be willing to pay more for a growth stock than a value stock. Consider a local utility company whose stock is selling for $10 a share. The price has not changed much in the past 20 years. The company only services a specific geographic area that is not experiencing population growth.
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David John Marotta Quoted in "Investment News" on Tax Reform

David John Marotta was quoted in "Investment News" on tax reform and how streamlining the tax code might boost U.S. productivity.

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Dorothy in Taxland: Above the Line Deductions (09-10-2007)

Those with wealth look ahead and adjust their affairs according to the tax code. But, most Americans look backward and only hope that Uncle Sam will return some of what they have already paid. Living in the moment and only looking backward is a recipe for paying the most tax at the worst time. If you are like most Americans, you filed your tax return in mid-April and did not look at any of it during the last four months. The tax preparation which seemed so valuable at the time has faded like Dorothy’s memories of Oz when she wakes up back in Kansas.
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