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Retirement Planning

Retirement Savings 101: Priorities (06-25-2010)

Question: My goal is to save 15% of my salary. I have a 401(k) plan at work. I also have a personal Roth IRA and taxable brokerage account. How should I prioritize my savings? Sincerely, Building a Nest Egg Dear Building a Nest Egg, Your savings goals are admirable! Make sure you get any free or matching money, and then focus on tax efficiency. Before you focus on retirement savings, I always like to make sure an emergency reserve account is funded. We all know people who have unexpectedly lost their jobs.
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Summer is a great time to think about financial planning.

Summer is one of the best times for us to help a new family get their financial house in order. Usually it is a quiet time when we can gather information, identify goals and make plans for the coming school year. The first few steps of wealth management require calendar time and summer provides enough calendar time so that we are ready by the time fall arrives.

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Learning to Live on Your Own, Part 1 (02-11-2008)

If you're like most of today’s college graduates, you may find yourself ill prepared for the real world of financial responsibility. You never saw how your parents lived when they were first married and struggling. Consequently, you may be basing your after-school expectations on an upper-middle-class lifestyle. Here is my financial advice for those of you learning to live on your own. My own financial education began when I was very young. My parents shared openly with us about the cost of running the household.
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