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Marotta On Money - February 08 Newsletter


Asset Allocation

Marotta's 2016 Gone-Fishing Portfolio (01-31-2016)

In 2011, we made the Marotta Gone Fishing Portfolio and have updated and reviewed it every year since. A gone-fishing portfolio has a limited number of investments with a balanced asset allocation that should do well with dampened volatility. Its primary appeal is simplicity. But a secondary virtue is that it avoids the worst mistakes of the financial services industry. The Marotta gone-fishing portfolio is used by many subscribers as a free and simple way of low-cost investing. The gone-fishing portfolio provides suggested asset allocations for investors up to age 70 and up to $1 million.
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In The News

Radio Interview: Wills, Estates, and Beneficiaries

David John Marotta was interviewed on radio WINA's Schilling Show discussing estate planning. David and host Rob Schilling discuss what estate planning is, why you want to do it, and explain some of the jargon. They also talk about whom to appoint to look after your affairs and settle your estate.

Head to Marotta on Money to listen to the interview there.

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Maximum Safe Withdrawal Rates in Retirement (06-09-2008)

Last week’s column described how certain critical assumptions can affect retirement planning. Here we discuss how to determine maximum safe withdrawal rates that will not compromise a long retirement. Imagine you knew you were going to die peacefully in your sleep at the end of your 100th year. Becoming a centenarian is more common these days, and it’s a much safer assumption than using average longevity. Half the people live longer than average, and a significant percentage live much longer. So our best case scenario is not just a fantasy. As you turn 100, you could plan to spend 100% of your portfolio.
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Retirement Planning