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How Does Compliance Differ Between Smaller Firms and Large Brokers? (09-19-2016)

I've written about the hidden fees of commission-based firms and how they obfuscate the way they get paid by calling themselves "fee-based" rather than "fee-and-commission based. " More recently I wrote about how Securities America overcharged their clients $1. 54 million which the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) only found out about when the company self-reported their gouging to FINRA. And I also wrote about how Ameriprise has dedicated about 400 people at an expense of $11 million in just six months on how to comply with the letter of the new Department of Justice ruling and still keep collecting those hidden fees.
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What is Private Mortgage Insurance?

Typically when purchasing a home, you provide 20% of the home value as down payment in the form of cash and obtain a loan for the remaining 80% of the home value.
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How Much Should I Save for Retirement? (09-03-2012)

I'm often asked, "How much should I save for retirement?" My standard answer, based on certain assumptions, is that you should save 15% of your take-home pay for retirement over your working career. As your situation varies, you must adjust your safe savings rate. A safe savings rate gives you the best chance of having sufficient assets to retire at your target age. Being able to retire does not mean you must retire; it means you have gained financial independence. You no longer have to work for money. Now you can just work for the love of what you do.
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