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The Complete Guide to Automating Your Savings (06-29-2015)

*Step 1: Acquire a job. * Money comes from hard work. There is no way around that. You should learn a good work ethic as early as possible. Before you can let your money work for you, you need to work to earn the money. "No one does anything hard willingly," says Barbara Sher, author of Wishcraft and I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was. We need to make "a conscious decision to win the lifelong battle against procrastination and laziness. " *Step 2: Choose an investment custodian. * The ideal custodian would have: No maintenance fees or financial hooks.
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Introducing Our Newest Staff Member: David Loughin

We are excited to introduce David Loughin (pronounced "Logan") as the newest member of our team at Marotta Wealth Management!

David officially joined us as a Wealth Manager in March 2015 with a background in economics and a passion for personal finance.

David lives in Richmond with his wife, Caitlin. In his spare time he enjoys hiking, reading, volunteering in his neighborhood, and exercising with his wife and his dog.

We are very happy to be a growing firm. Next time you are in the office, we hope that you extend a warm welcome to David.

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Raising Money Savvy Kids - Postpone Spending (02-19-2007)

One of the critical concerns of generational wealth management is raising young people to be financially savvy. Many have written to say that they read and discuss this column at the dinner table with their children. If you want to raise kids who can create and manage wealth, there are a handful of critical rules that are foundational. Here's the main one: Postpone spending. In economics, "deferred consumption" is the very definition of wealth and capital. So defer your consumption. Everything you don't spend today is wealth. Only what you don't spend today is available for investing.
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