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Asset Allocation

An Asset Allocation For Your Health Savings Account (06-07-2017)

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are one of many types of tax-advantaged accounts. With an HSA, not only do you get a tax deduction when you put the money in, but there is no tax owed when the money is withdrawn and used for qualified medical expenses. Not only are you able to pay for your health care expenses with pre-tax dollars, but you are also able to invest the money in your HSA and watch it grow. This is one of many ways to avoid paying capital gains on stock appreciation.
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Radio: Why Corporate Tax Rates Should Be Lowered

David John Marotta was interviewed on radio 1070 WINA's Schilling Show discussing corporate tax rates, and why they should be lowered.

They discuss the economic effects of corporations paying less in taxes and how this might increase jobs and wages, not to mention shareholders in public company stocks.

Listen to the interview here.

Photo used under Flickr Creative Commons license.

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Safeguard #6: Recognize And Avoid Financial Hooks (02-16-2009)

To safeguard your money, you must be able to extricate yourself from any bad investment quickly. Of course, the companies that sell mistakes don't want you to be able to do that, so they use financial hooks to hold your money captive. Any financial product with a surrender value significantly different from the net asset value has financial hooks. For example, take the different classes of mutual funds from the giant American Funds: Growth Fund of America. Shares come in five different sales classes. Class A shares have an expense ratio of 0. 65% in fees and expenses.
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