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Estate Planning

How to Be a Good Executor (04-12-2015)

*Question:* A relative has informed me that she has named me her executor. While I am honored, how will I know what to do when the time comes to act in that capacity? *Answer:* Congratulations! Your relative trusts you and has probably recognized your organizational skills and your desire to do a good job. While your relative is living, have a conversation and ask her to talk you through some of the details you will need to fulfill the role of executor.
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First Quarter 2015 Returns: Our 6 Asset Classes

Each quarter brings a different set of returns for each asset class and subcategory. And the bonus for rebalancing is a product of low correlation between categories and high volatility.
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Dorothy in Taxland: Below the Line Deductions (10-01-2007)

Not all deductions are created equal. Some deductions are more valuable than others. What matters is whether or not the deduction is "above the line" or "below the line". The line in this case is your adjusted gross income (AGI). Above the line deductions are subtracted from your gross income in order to compute your AGI. Therefore, above the line deductions reduce your AGI which also reduces your taxable income. Reducing your AGI can lower many subsequent calculations which will lower other taxes you may have to pay.
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