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Oil Price Predictions Are Essentially Meaningless (03-01-2015)

On September 28, 2014 crude oil was trading at $94. 57 a barrel. By January 27, 2015 it had dropped 52% to $45. 23. This caused Resource stocks such as Vanguard Energy (VGELX) to lose 14. 22% last year. Crude Oil through 2015-02-18 The last such precipitous drop was in 2008 and it was for much the same reason: the strengthening of the U. S. dollar. Crude Oil through 2015-02-18 Rebalancing is always a contrarian move, buying what has gone down and selling what has gone up. Nevertheless, it is the more profitable decision[http://www. marottaonmoney. com/rebalance-accounts-regularly/], and its value grows with greater volatility.
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Tax Tables

Tax Season is upon us, and we've created a handy reference with tax information for 2014 (the taxes you're preparing now) and 2015 (to help you plan for this year). See the tax tables here.

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Don't Retire: Keep Significant Goals (03-07-2011)

Most Americans fail to plan adequately for retirement and consequently miss out on opportunities to enjoy the last third of life. The best and most rewarding financial planning is not just about the numbers but rather takes place in the context of personal goals. Retirement used to mean not only a complete withdrawal from the workforce but often a retreat from life. Even the word "retire" has the connotations of shuffling quietly off to bed. We call that traditional concept a "cliff retirement" because it is so abrupt.
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