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Medical Expenses

Contact Lens Regulations Cost Consumers Billions (12-14-2014)

Like many mundane regulations, those associated with selling prescription contact lenses cost consumers dearly. For 20 years, David visited an old-school ophthalmologist who did his own exams and sold contacts in house at online prices. After that doctor retired recently, David began needing lens correction in one eye. David went to a new doctor. He was seen primarily by a technician and briefly by a doctor. Inexplicably, he was given a prescription to correct both eyes. His unaltered eye remained 20-15. His best eye was still better than average. Wearing both contacts gave David a headache.
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Christmas Reading: The Finance of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"

For some Christmas-themed financial reading, check out David John Marotta's "A Christmas Carol" series, which examines the financial habits of various characters from Charles Dickens' beloved classic.

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Marley's Ghost Was Haunted by Regret (12-07-2009)

"Marley was dead. " That's how Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol begins. Jacob Marley, dead exactly seven years to the day, is the real ghost in the story. We see Ebenezer Scrooge's life in light of his partner's death. Although the way the two men approached their finances may seem identical, when we take a closer look, subtle but important distinctions emerge. In his book Why Smart People Do Stupid Things with Money, Bert Whitehead describes different financial personalities. He depicts a "miser" as someone who is strongly motivated by fear but has a natural inclination to save.
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Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"