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The Economics of a Thanksgiving Turkey (11-23-2014)

Turkeys have always been an interesting study for economics. Because of the consistency of their demand in America, the price of a Thanksgiving turkey can be used as an indicator of inflation. Since 2005 the average cost of a 15-pound frozen turkey has risen from $16 to $27, a 68. 7% increase. Official inflation statistics suggest the price should only have risen 19. 3% to $19. 09. Part of the cost increase may be due to ethanol mandates driving up corn prices. Another effect is the government's underreporting of inflation.
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Free NCEF Seminar: NAPs: Tax Credits for Giving to Local Charities

If you missed Matt's talk, you can download the slides and his narration at SlideShare. *Topic:* Neighborhood Assistance Programs: Tax Credits for Giving to Local Charities *Speaker:* Matthew Illian, CFP®, AIF® Wealth Manager, Marotta Wealth Management, Inc.
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How Do Financial Advisors Earn Their Fee? (06-18-2012)

Most of our clients are frugal supersavers. Often they have accumulated their wealth not by earning more but by simply spending less. They are the millionaires next door living well below their means, which is why they have means. Few investors even ask how commission-based annuity salespeople earn their fee, but with fee-only advisors the question often arises. Investment fees are generally about 1% of assets under management and drop as assets rise above $1 million.
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