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How Much Umbrella Insurance Do I Need? (08-23-2015)

Most mortgage lenders require homeowner's insurance. Most states require car insurance. No one requires umbrella insurance. Insurance agents don't make much commission on an umbrella policy. It must be packaged with your home and car insurance, and you have to call to purchase it. Umbrella insurance covers you for liability that goes above and beyond your auto and homeowners insurance. Coverage starts where other policy coverage ends and extends the coverage by millions of dollars. This protects you against other's claims of bodily injury and property damage.
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How Frequently Do S&P 500 Highs Stick?

Every time the S&P 500 hits new highs everyone wonders if these new highs will stick. On February 17, 2015, the S&P 500 broke 2,100 for the first time.
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Avoid Budget Busters Part 3: Plan on Budgeting Surprises (03-15-2010)

Thrift is having a sure hand that controls your spending so your spending doesn't control you. The goal isn't to be rich but instead to be thoughtful, industrious, content and thrifty. To avoid unplanned budget busters, set three rules for your spending: Set a dollar limit, wait at least a week each time you're unsure of a purchase and be aware of the categories where you are most likely to make impulse purchases. But raising your awareness on impulse purchases is only part of the battle. Many budgets are doomed to failure because of the challenge of planning for unplanned spending.
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