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Marotta On Money - February 13 Newsletter


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2016 In Review (01-30-2017)

2016 was a good year for stocks in general with a number of noteworthy details. For context, see this graph of the returns for six iShares product which we use to roughly represent the six different asset classes. No one security is a perfect reflection of all the diverse holdings that fit within an asset class, but these six are good broad indicators of their asset classes. We've written five articles describing some of the most interesting factors in this year's returns. *Resource Stocks* was clearly the asset class with the best returns this year despite having been the worst asset class the year before.
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Radio: Why Corporate Tax Rates Should Be Lowered

David John Marotta was interviewed on radio 1070 WINA's Schilling Show discussing corporate tax rates, and why they should be lowered.

They discuss the economic effects of corporations paying less in taxes and how this might increase jobs and wages, not to mention shareholders in public company stocks.

Listen to the interview here.

Photo used under Flickr Creative Commons license.

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Financial Harmony in Marriage (05-21-2007)

No married couple wants a scandal, even if it is just financial in nature. Money problems can ruin the love affair with your spouse. The work of blending two lives in harmony requires certain basic commitments. Many families today are financially troubled. Most of these are in denial. The rest of them are looking for a quick fix. Even a financial planner can't help unless the couple is willing to make five simple commitments. You can always choose to find something to fight about.
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