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How Much Can I Contribute to My Retirement Accounts? (08-22-2016)

I am employed by both the Federal Government (which offers a Thrift Savings Plan) and a university hospital (which offers a 403(b) and a 457 plan). How much can I contribute per year to these retirement plans? First let’s take a look at the different types of retirement accounts available and then look at the contribution limits to them. There are several different types of employer-sponsored retirement plans, depending on what industry you work in. 401(k)s are offered by private companies to employees. The employee contribution limit is $18,000, and the total contribution limit (employee plus employer) is $53,000.
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Why Would You Intentionally Realize Capital Gains?

We often ask clients for their tax returns so we can see what tax bracket they are in, and we ask our clients to let us know if they expect this year's taxes to look like last year's. Looking at their tax return allows us to plan ahead in our trading.
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Squirrel Away Money While You Can (09-12-2005)

In 1985, an MIT professor won the Nobel Prize for a simple technique that squirrels have known intuitively from birth -- you have to "squirrel" away some nuts during times of plenty so you can survive during times of scarcity. Economist Franco Modigliani won his Nobel Prize for modeling how humans manage their household finances over a lifetime. Modigliani looked at the income and expenses of typical people over their life from the time they entered the workplace, raised their families, and retired. He found there were times when the household’s income was more than sufficient to meet their expenses and other times when money was tight.
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