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Marotta On Money - April 25 Newsletter


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What is Margin? (04-24-2016)

When opening an account at Schwab, the first option on the account open form is whether you want a "Schwab One" account, their name for a standard brokerage account, or a "Schwab One with Margin" account. Margin is an optional feature that can be added to Schwab brokerage accounts. If you have margin on your brokerage account, it means you have the option of borrowing money from your brokerage firm and using the value of your investments as collateral. This loan can be used to purchase more securities or be withdrawn from the account to meet other financial obligations.
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Radio Interview: The Burden of Government Taxation

David John Marotta was recently interviewed on radio 1070 WINA's Schilling Show, discussing taxation and the burden of government. Listen to the show here.

Here is information on Tax Freedom Day (April 24).

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Dorothy in Taxland: Overview (06-14-2010)

Many people who use tax computation software don't understand the changing structure of the U. S. tax code. They fill in the blanks, click Compute and pay the tax. Then they forget about the torture until next year. Into this dark forest of the tax code, we throw college students and recent graduates. It is almost a rite of passage, better likened to a fraternity hazing than a step into adulthood. The byzantine rules and regulations of the tax code are carefully crafted to cover up just how much we pay each year. In other words, tax laws are obscure by design.
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