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Marriage and Finances

How to Save for Large Fast-Approaching Expenses (07-26-2015)

There are a lot of large expenses in life. Before the "Just Married" is washed off the car, the average married couple has dreams of multiple children, annual vacations, and homeownership in addition to (hopefully) contributing to and investing their Roth accounts. They also find that they have small starting salaries and student loan payments. Planning for these expenses can be challenging. Take for example the dream of becoming a parent. Baby Center has a "First-Year Baby Costs Calculator" which has average expenses, both ongoing and one-time, which you may experience and allows you to toggle on or off each expense.
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Second Quarter and Year-to-Date Returns for Our 6 Asset Classes

For most investors, following market volatility does not bring peace of mind. There are always a number of financial headlines in the spotlight. Alas, by the time the headlines reach national attention, the markets have already moved in response and limited any use you could make of such information.
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Relax with a "Gone-Fishing" Portfolio (06-06-2011)

Summer is almost here. It's time to go fishing or take a trip or do wherever else you enjoy while on vacation. Unless your interests lie in investment management or you have a trusted fiduciary watching over your investments, consider having a portfolio designed to allow you more time to relax. A gone-fishing portfolio has a limited number of investments with a balanced asset allocation that should do well with dampened volatility. Its primary appeal is simplicity. But a secondary virtue is that it avoids the worst mistakes of the financial services industry.
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