College Planning

Does Your College Saving Need a Christmas Gift?

Posted by Matthew Illian on 12-20-2015

Some years, we fall behind and I try to make a year-end contribution to get us caught back up again.


How to Take Advantage of Student Loan Forgiveness

Posted by David John Marotta & Megan Russell on 07-19-2015

You might think that you can't qualify, but many well-paid families are eligible.


How Quickly Should I Pay My Student Loans?

Posted by David John Marotta & Megan Russell on 07-12-2015

For those who do not want to be investors, a fast-track repayment may be best. But for those willing to save and invest, there is a better option.


Grandparents: Is Your Helping Hurting Financial Aid?

Posted by Matthew Illian on 02-08-2015

With careful planning, grandparents can ensure their gifts are not impeding a grandchild's ability to access financial aid.


How Much Should I Have Saved Toward College in 2015?

Posted by Matthew Illian on 01-18-2015

College savings benchmarks, 529 progress from newborn to age 18. Each year, I share the age-based benchmarks we use to ensure that our 529 college savings is on track to meet our goals.


How Not to Promote College Innovation

Posted by David John Marotta & Megan Russell on 12-07-2014

These noble-sounding goals intuitively appear useful, but the federal government has only two ways to encourage change and neither of them helps in this case.


How to Buy a College Degree

Posted by David John Marotta & Megan Russell on 11-30-2014

Unfortunately, Obama's good intentions are thwarted by the economic principle formulated by banker Charles Goodhart.


Coping with College Expenses

Posted by Matthew Illian & David John Marotta on 11-15-2010

If you were blessed with the birth of a child recently, you will need to save $430 monthly to pay for in-state college tuition, fees, room and board. Double this rate to cover the full costs at the average private institution.


Start Saving for College the Day They Are Born

Posted by David John Marotta and Matthew Illian on 01-25-2010

My youngest is a first-year student at the University of Virginia. My coauthor Matthew's youngest child was born only a month ago. There is no such thing as saving too early.


Video: College Planning

Posted by David John Marotta on 09-17-2009

Four-years of college currently cost $60,000 at a public university. In eighteen years, it may cost more than $145,000. To stay ahead of rising tuition costs, you should plan ahead and save early. Tax-favored 529 accounts can help you provide an excellent college education for your children and grandchildren.


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