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Investing In Hong Kong Has Lowered Risk and Boosted Returns

Posted by David Loughin, David John Marotta on 09-28-2016

We allocate a portion of our managed portfolios to foreign stocks, and Hong Kong is the highest ranked country on the latest edition of the Index of Economic Freedom.


How Does Compliance Differ Between Smaller Firms and Large Brokers?

Posted by David John Marotta on 09-19-2016

It is relatively easy for an adviser who has a 400 lawyer compliance department to sit through some compliance continuing education and yet never understand what attitudes and behaviors need to be changed.


Hedge Funds and Long/Short Strategies

Posted by David John Marotta on 09-12-2016

Long/short strategies use the money from the stocks they have shorted to purchase extra stocks that they hope will go up.


Most People Take Social Security At The Worst Possible Age

Posted by David John Marotta on 09-05-2016

While taking Social Security at age 70 is not optimal for everyone, age 62 is optimal for almost no one.


Finding Someone You Can Trust

Posted by David John Marotta on 08-29-2016

Those who believe that more regulation is the answer don't understand how human nature works.


How Much Can I Contribute to My Retirement Accounts?

Posted by Austin Fey on 08-22-2016

With many types of retirement accounts available, it can be difficult to keep track of how much you can put away where, especially if you are eligible to contribute to multiple accounts.


Beware of Dire Market Crash Predictions

Posted by David John Marotta on 08-15-2016

I receive dire predictions with such frequency that were I to act on even a fraction of them I would never be invested in the markets.


Where Should I Invest Money Which I Will Need in a Year or Two?

Posted by David John Marotta on 08-08-2016

Return comes with an element of risk. There is no safe investment which also pays a good rate of return.


Billing Client Accounts to the Client's Greatest Benefit

Posted by Matheson Russell on 08-01-2016

Investment managers can bring clients greater savings by carefully considering how they bill different types of accounts.


Do Children Need To File A Tax Return To Fund Their Roth IRA?

Posted by David John Marotta on 07-24-2016

The IRS does not require dependents whose gross income is only earned income to file a tax return if the amount is less than a certain amount.


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