Marotta Wealth Management, Inc. is an independent, comprehensive wealth management firm offering a complete range of investment management and financial planning services.

These are our top three priorities:

  • To help our clients attain their goals by providing ongoing wealth management.
  • To manage client portfolios based on our analytic approach to asset allocation.   
  • To provide unbiased financial advice and to serve as fiduciaries for our clients.

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How to Save for Large Fast-Approaching Expenses



The average married couple has dreams of multiple children, annual vacations, and homeownership, but planning for these expenses can be challenging.

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University Students: Getting Sucked Dry by Credit Cards

Last week we listed the ways university student are enticed into using credit cards. This week we will examine the economical impact of those initially small and convenient monthly payments.

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Video: The Seven Steps of Financial Preparedness

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Second Quarter and Year-to-Date Returns for Our 6 Asset Classes


Volatility and asset classes that move in different directions is what boosts the rebalancing bonus.

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